We prefer to not do the catalogue thing...

tell us your high level requirement and we'll propose a few appropriate menus.


We use your budget as a starting point to come up with a proposal that you can afford without compromising quantity or quality.


For us, it's all about you - your tastes, your budget, your occasion. We'll often create new dishes for a custom menu to suit your requirements.


Very simply it's all about the food!  Equally important, it's also all about you - your occasion, your taste and your peace of mind. As an owner-operated business we are hands-on, which allows us to be flexible with our menus and more affordable than many other catering companies.

our mission...

...is to provide excellent customer specific service and satisfy your catering needs per your specification and budget.

From weddings and birthdays to meetings and corporate functions, we will consult with you to make the most of your budget without sacrificing quality or quantity.




My Place Restaurant and Caterers is based in Pretoria, but our catering service extends to the whole of Gauteng. We have loads of creativity which we use to keep our menus new and fresh.

We are a small dedicated team, passionate about food and delivering our best. Talk to us about providing on-site services, from roaming platters and canapes at cocktail functions to table service.

the art of preparing food is like a stage production – the recipe the script, the kitchen the stage, the ingredients the actors and the chef the director. You, our clients, are the audience…

My Place 



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